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OK .. now we crushed the terrorist movement… identified the external hand in Bahrain’s matters… identified the provocateurs within Bahrain and brought them to justice, though some are YET to meet their destiny..  NOW what’s next? is the problem solved..? Is what we achieved a long term solution ? Yes, we brought back the sense of safety and security.. but is it permanent? I doubt it .. We have for the moment won the battle.. but the war’s resultant is way far ahead.

We CANNOT be content with what is achieved now and start the merry making..  We CANNOT fall in to false sense of VICTORY when we KNOW for a fact; that there ARE legitimate grievances of some section of people. How can we achieve a balanced society where the gap between the rich and the poor are NOT measured in astronomical units! How can we achieve a society where a person’s daily pocket money in  one section is NOT the monthly wage of a  whole family of another section!

Existence of Bahraini families  living in conditions (as shown in the pictures below) is NOT ACCEPTABLE at ALL no matter WHAT sect they belong to!

The Million dollar question is : How can we achieve this  and Also keep the instigators at bay?

We can achieve it in JUST TWO STEPS!  ..  it has been proven in the past and it CAN happen in Bahrain as well..

First step .. Thank Allah!! .. for every single blessings we take in for granted. We often turn a blind eye for all that we HAVE in the hastiness of achieving all we WANT.. Cherish what you have and look how blessed you are than the billions of people around the world who ENVY and DREAM of what we have been blessed with. The key word of contentment is :  Alhamdhulillah!  Trust me .. it works wonders.. 🙂

Second step : Give your ZAKAT &  Sadakah(Charity) to the poor and needy.. To non-muslim readers , Zakat is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam which makes obligatory for the affordable person to give 2.5% of his disposable income and assets. Imagine if each and every affordable person in Bahrain..(irrespective of his Sect), practice this on the needy persons (Irrespective of their SECT).. Just imagine if this is put in practice.. Would ANYONE be waiting till their government provides them with their daily bread? Would we see ANY envy by the HAVE NOTs against the HAVEs ?

Alhamdhulilah.. We have complete trust in our King and our government ,who HAVE done so much to Bahrain all these years,and will continue to do so in the years to come..So let them do their part.. and we , as society , do Ours! Insha Allah the resultant would be  miraculous!!

Right.. now we know the right direction… lets take the practical steps into achieving it ..

Bahrain is a very small country with very closely knit societies. So there is NO way one can miss out another’s grievance.. Ask your friends.. or friends of friends.. of a person who is in need of financial/moral assistance. and HELP them..If its too much an ask to an individual, pool in with your friends.The trick is : The person you are helping MUST be someone from a society other than yours!! Then just witness the end result…! Ask yourself.. will this bring more love with other communities OR hatred? What would be the end result as a whole to the nation? Can you visualize it  ?? I can.. and i just LOVE it!

This small act proves :  CHARITY BRINGS LOVE ,  LOVE BRINGS ULTIMATE PEACE.(© Proudbahraini,2011 😛 )

Try it..Trust me.. You will feel the real ecstasy in giving charity! You will feel a happiness and contentment that can never be achieved by any other worldly matters.This ALSO will give no excuses for external forces AND radical sectarian”Human Rights” societies to creep in to use the PEOPLE’s grievance for THEIR agendas!

I BELIEVE in  : ” An individual’s action affects a society… a society’s action affects the whole nation .. so let I be that individual! ” .  (Again…©Proudbahraini 2011 :D)

Each and EVERY Bahraini MUST believe in himself with his potential and say !!!

“YES!! ..  i CAN solve Bahrain’s problem and THIS is MY contribution to the SOLUTION!”