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The past few weeks revealed the double-standards of some of mainstream Human Rights organization reporting on Bahrain. What’s appalling is how they simply turn a blind eye to human rights violations by the Bahrain’s opposition protesters while magnifying their sensationalized stories.One organization in particular is – Human Rights Watch(HRW), who label themselves as champion of Human Rights Defenders.

With regards to their Bahrain chapter, their blind dependency on the sectarian Bahrain Center for Human Rights, led to even more deterioration of their credibility.

If you analyse,the Human Rights Watch  failed to comply with one of the fundamental principles  laid by International Bar Association-Human Rights Institute which the UN recommend.

This emphasizes the importance of monitoring the Human Rights Violations by both STATE  AND NON-STATE VIOLATORS. Its very much clearly evident that HRW at NO POINT covered ANY of  NON-STATE violations (by the opposition protesters)!

Did they MISS to see the clear evidence BY MISTAKE..? ..  OR simply REFUSING to retract from their pre-defined conclusion on Bahrain ?!

The guideline also stress the importance of involvement of ALL parties inorder to produce a balanced report. I doubt if HRW and AMNESTY were ANYWHERE  near in achieving THIS  particular aspect.

The full guideline by IBA- Human Rights Institute can be found in :,IBA_HRI,THEMGUIDE,,4a39f2fa2,0.html

Why are their ONLY sources on Bahrain news are the Khawajas and Nabeel Rajab (who are notorious for their misinformation and sensationalized stories to meet THEIR agenda)?

A sample of their misinformation is below article by HRW.

EVERY person in Bahrain KNOWS that the force which entered Bahrain were the GCC’s Peninsula Shield and NOT  the Saudi Arabian forces alone! How can a “CREDIBLE” organization produce reports that’s least researched and from unreliable source?

Some excerpt from an article on HRW credibility in American Chronicle :

Their full article can be read here :

Lastly my humble request to HRW and the other NGOs :-  we DID NOT ask you to take side of the Bahrain Government .we DID NOT ask you to tamper evidence and TWIST words in support to Bahrain Government..we DID NOT ask you to sensationalize stories on atrocities committed by the Opposition Thugs .

All we ask you to do is to STICK to guidelines  set by UN.. and BE BALANCED!  I hope its not MUCH OF AN ASK..