Khawaja’s Prison torture drama – unveiled!

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Unveiling AH Khawaja Torture lies

Recently, there had been a tremendous hue and cry about the terrorist – Abdulhadi Al Khawaja been severely tortured, specially on the face, by the security personnels. As usual, the international “Human Rights” organizations and media were quick to join the bandwagon without ANY form of verification on the claims.

Below are some excerpts from few “Pro-Terrorist” -“Human Rights” organization reporting based on their ONLY Sources in Bahrain – Yeah .. you guessed it right –  The notorious prevaricators: Khwaja sisters and Nabeel Rajab, who according to them , the ONLY persons who speak the TRUTH in Bahrain…!

Amnesty international :

Human Rights First

Al Manar TV – Interview with Nabeel Rajab (Two DEADLY combination of Fabricators :p ) :

Okay now according to the above reporting, Abdulhadi Khwaja should be critically wounded ,specially on the face as he had undergone a “Mandibular bone graft” surgery a week ago due to “Prison Torture” .


Below pics of Khawaja were taken on last week’s court hearing.

The pictures speak for themselves on how sensationalized those torture claims were..NO signs of any torture on the face AND NO signs of any surgeries..

Now YOU DECIDE whom to believe!

A big Thank you goes out to : @Tafy121 & @peacebahrain for their effort in dissemination of this truth.

  1. michael says:

    Most of us in Bahrain are aware of the lies spread by the Khawaja’s and Nabeel rajab, my question to Amnesty international is that being a reputed HR org, they should validate all information and sources before going public. Now its credibility is on the line and going forward any genuine cases in any part of the world will always have to been taken with a pinch of salt.

    Amnesty international, its never too late……. get your act together.

    – Michael.

  2. shame on to those people who keep on destroying their own country for the sake of their interest but GOD is great truth will prevail always insha Allah. “It is a great treachery that you tell your brother something he accepts as truth from you, but you are lying” Abu Dawud

  3. agnelo says:

    why do the so called human rights orginisations worldwide do not accuse & demsnd the prosecution of george bush who is responsible for deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq & Afganistan. The war was startedwithout any proof of WMD.

    Where are the so called human rights orginations? What about the human rights of the victims?

  4. OMER says:


  5. NADEEM says:

    Thank God for the photos !!!! I knew it was false report of being beaten .

  6. Insha Alllah our government will do something otherwise hypocrite people will never stop abusing democracy granted on them so too with those people using media to create misunderstanding like BBC and Al jazeera English channel .ALLAH’S CURSE WILL BE ON HIM IF HE IS A LIAR.” 24:7


  8. Aesha80 says:

    The Lies is being part of their lives! Most of them are lier!!! we should be careful and never believe their words!!!! they are same as Monafeeek!!!!

  9. Abood says:

    Well, in all fairness, developments in the medical field have made it so that marks aren’t visible. We’re talking about fractures here. Medically speaking it won’t show on the exterior after it has been treated, especially after plastic surgery. This article is basing its whole argument on several low resolution zoomed-in pictures. Now I’m not saying I believe what they’re saying, I’m only saying that we need to be careful and not make false speculations.
    Secondly, wishing death upon our enemies is not the Islamic way to deal with things, as I have read in several comments. I ask my brothers and sisters to wait, as the truth is always made clear with time.
    ان الله مع الصابرين

  10. bahrainsushi says:

    If no one is being tortured and killed by the govt, why are there restrictions on certain human rights groups and journalists from seeing these persons in detention?

    Why is the govt barring some journalists from entering Bahrain if there’s nothing to hide and everything is being done as per the law?

    Why is Saudi here to ‘protect’ the country when the GCC Shield was meant to be used for ‘external’ threats and not internal issues?

    Iran has been used as an excuse and no one in Bahrain wants Iran’s involvement not even the Shias!

  11. ProudBah says:

    I don’t understand how such false accusation can be published and used by human rights organisations without evidence. Does the word “allegdly” now justify anyone publishing any garbage? Bahrain should demand an apology and the report to be discredited.

  12. Ahmad says:

    what fools they are…..

  13. k. faisal says:

    they are lair and GOD beside us, what ever they do or they will do, our GOD will show the truth for all…..
    we hope the Human Rights will take this lies seriously and take the real information from right source. they MUST be SMART.

  14. mel santos says:

    These people Nabeel Rajab and the khawaja sisters and the author of these unrest should be the one the Bahrain and its people to file lawsuits to these people who tried to sow unrest and terrorism in Bahrain. The Amnesty International should verified first these reports first before making a conclusions..They are the one making tensions here in Bahrain because of their unbalanced reporting.Bahrain is peaceful now because those who orchestrated these unrest are all behind bars where they should belong.

  15. Fatima says:

    Khawaja and Rajab my question to you both : As you call Bahrain that the freedom of expression is not guaranteed in and demonstrators are under torture, how do you explain that you are both talking , writing and traveling without any minimum abuse or arresting ??!! Although you do not publish the facts, but lies? Is not this the biggest proof of the opposite of what you claim?

  16. Ronald Joseph says:

    The truth will always prevail…don’t these people fear God?

  17. bahrainlova says:

    amnesty knew exactly what they erer doing!!! The fact that they deliberately carried out their rounds in the villages only and when aproached by BHRWS (pro-gov) they asked them are you sunni? when thery replied ‘yes’ AI replied :we have not time for you!
    That was said by the BHRWS representative on BTV.

    The events in Bahrain revealed the strings of conspirators not just in Bahrain, but much much further. the question now is….. who can bring them to justice???

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