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Recently, there had been a tremendous hue and cry about the terrorist – Abdulhadi Al Khawaja been severely tortured, specially on the face, by the security personnels. As usual, the international “Human Rights” organizations and media were quick to join the bandwagon without ANY form of verification on the claims.

Below are some excerpts from few “Pro-Terrorist” -“Human Rights” organization reporting based on their ONLY Sources in Bahrain – Yeah .. you guessed it right –  The notorious prevaricators: Khwaja sisters and Nabeel Rajab, who according to them , the ONLY persons who speak the TRUTH in Bahrain…!

Amnesty international :

Human Rights First

Al Manar TV – Interview with Nabeel Rajab (Two DEADLY combination of Fabricators :p ) :

Okay now according to the above reporting, Abdulhadi Khwaja should be critically wounded ,specially on the face as he had undergone a “Mandibular bone graft” surgery a week ago due to “Prison Torture” .


Below pics of Khawaja were taken on last week’s court hearing.

The pictures speak for themselves on how sensationalized those torture claims were..NO signs of any torture on the face AND NO signs of any surgeries..

Now YOU DECIDE whom to believe!

A big Thank you goes out to : @Tafy121 & @peacebahrain for their effort in dissemination of this truth.