Petition AGAINST the release of Terrorist – Al Khawaja

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Petition

Please sign the petition to His Majesty, the King , requesting NOT to release the terrorist – Abdul Hadi AlKhawaja and his goons.

نرجو التوقيع على العريضه موجهة لصاحب الجلالة  ضد الأفراج عن الأرهابي عبدالهادي الخواجه


  1. Khalid Butti says:

    he should stay in the jail

  2. Khalid Yusuf says:

    Abdul Hadi Khawaja destroyed our country. He’s taking about human rights while he is a terrorist.

  3. Maria says:

    Please don’t let these people who caused all this trauma to Bahrain and its true & loyal people out from the custody.

    This is for our security .. This is for the security for ALL BAHRAIN…!!!

    We did see what all these were capable to do in Bahrain.. Pls keep Bahrain SAFE from them!


  4. Ali Al Junaid says:

    I’m Against the release of Abdul Hadi AlKhawaja!

    He had been using his position as a Human Rights Actives to make false accusation to ruin Bahrain reputation to serve his own means.

  5. Abdulaziz Khattak says:

    These people have used HR organisations as a cover for their malicious, sectarian motives. They can be freed because they carry the label of HR activist on their forehead. Whoever and how big and influential a person is, if he has committed a crime against the people and the state, he must be brought to book.

  6. michael says:

    All these Human Rights issue is becoming a joke ! right now and the fear is that going forward legitimate people will suffer as long as people like Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja and his clan alongwith Nabeel Rajab are associated with @HRW. These guys need to be punished for all the lies and fabricated stories they are spreading, specially in the foreign media.

  7. Ahmed says:

    they should all rot in jail for what they did to the island. shame on them for using the BSHR as a front for instigating violence and deploying foreign religious demands onto our island.

  8. Nana says:

    He should be jailed in Guantanamo with his family .. World’s biggest terrorist family ..

  9. noor says:

    لا للإفراج عن الخواجة .. هو مجرم و إرهابي ساهم في زج البلاد لهذا الوضع ..

  10. amina jameel says:

    Please!dont release ABDUL HADI KHAWAJA.And other people like him,,all the leaders of terrorist,should not give pardon.they will be the menace of the KINGDOM!Keep bahrain peace!All people giving problem to the country,should deport from where they come from,,

  11. Radhwan says:

    This type of people are Mir Jaffer of Muslim world they should be eliminated

  12. isa rashid says:

    Abdulhadi Alkhawaja is the son if Iran, he shields himself under the human rights organization to spread lies and twists facts so that Bahrain one day will be an Islamic Republic under the Iranian command. He has strong connections with Shi’ia extremists who support him on the implementation of a foreign agenda established by the Persians. Fact: Alkhawaja wished death upon the royal family in 2006 in one of his speeches during an event held by the human rights organization ! Fact: Alkhawaja is one of the main icons behind the sectarian tension in Bahrain due to his sectarian speeches and actions. Please take legal action against this racist/terrorist- criminal.

  13. Sami says:

    He has been let out twice before but did not want to change, so whats the point letting him out a third time.

  14. AMAL says:


  15. Bahrain777 says:

    Abdulhadi AlKhawaja has planned since 1980 to cause terror in Bahrain. His network plans and plot’s major incidents in our beloved Bahrain, to destabilize the country, to get what they want. They wanted there prisoner release, and planned Terror in Bahrain to pressure the government. Nabeel Rajab & Alkhawaja find ways to gain headlines, they stir up some trouble, then they switch hats and condemn it! Is that the sort of person you would want in our streets roaming? There loyalty is Zero, and will plan future attacks. Either revoke his citizenship or keep him in prison! He’s not welcome in Bahrain! Him and his brainwashed network! He taught his daughters to hate the government, they grew up brainwashed. (Maryam & Zainab especially).

  16. hassan says:

    dont release these terrorists taking human rights as cover for their nasty agenda.i say it here it is the last chance for bahrain if they release them then bahrain will be part of iran and will be under the control of radical religious leaders.

  17. Noora says:

    Please do not release the traitors! They have proven their hatred to this country and people!

  18. Hassan says:

    Please do not release Khawajah or any other terorist! For the love of our king and our kingdom, for the ppl of Bahrain – terrorists must be removed from socities.

  19. Saud says:

    I really hate the way he lies! He is a traitor and should be punished, please your majesty, punish these traitors who misused ur kindness.

  20. Reem says:

    He lied alot and didn’t tell the truth about what happened in Bahrain . Please don’t let this man out .

  21. Reem says:

    This lier should stay in jail . Non of what he siad is true .

    Bahraini citizin

  22. Noor says:

    this criminal should stay in jail for his lies. I’m a bahraini citizin and I say we don’t want this man to be released.

  23. osama alharam says:

    He should be hanged along with all the other terrorist.

  24. Bahraini Aseel says:

    He is a traitor. He is a terrorist. He destroyed our beloved country and instilled hatred among youngsters. He shall never be released.

  25. BuAli says:

    Please please your Majesty
    don’t let this terrorist escape the prison. Don’t let this terrorist escape your justice!!

  26. Rashid Al-Dossary says:

    Your Royal Highness,
    After the past two months, most of the people in this country are educated about who loves the country and who is working of destroying it.
    We are asking from you your Royal Highness that you capture Nabeel Rajab along with Ali Salman & others who are known of there way and they speak load and clear through the media that they hate our peacful Bahrain and acted in that way.

  27. NADEEM says:

    Thank God for the photos , I knew they were all lies . Why the goverment is not taking Nabeel in custody he was on press tv again last nite again and again saying bullsheet abouut the goverment and our royal family . Can we do some thing as citizen of Bahrain ??



  30. he just a thugs we will not accept …

  31. Elham says:

    I am against the release of such criminals. NO to release.

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