Exposing the Bahrain’s Tweeterrorists..

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Tweeterrorists

If you ever search #Bahrain hash-tag in Twitter.. its very unlikely that you will miss out few names that does a mammoth propaganda against Bahrain and its government. The sensationalized stories they protrude has even hypnotized some of famous web and real-life personalities in to believing them. Alas! ..The loyal Bahrainis are NO WHERE NEAR to compete with them in their skills of spinning lies and fabrications in such realistic ways. DEFINITELY would have won ARABS GOT  TALENT for Bahrain 😉

Some of the radical Tweeterrorists (Twitter Terrorists) are :

@Nabeelrajab = Nabeel Rajab: This pro-terrorist under the disguise of  “President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights” has already been exposed of his falsified reporting in my previous article. https://proudbahraini.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/bchr-president-nabeel-rajabs-lies-unveiled/

Bahrain Center for Human Rights(BCHR) : This is more of a family dynasty than a genuine Human Rights Organization.From its executive director to its Sub-branch – Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights’ president, comprises members or immediate relatives of a SINGLE family – AL KHAWAJAs.

It appears to be more of a family vengeance against the ruling family than a  genuine concern on Human Rights. Had latter been the case, there would have been more condemnation against clear human rights violations by the protesters on both security personnel AND innocent civilians.

Some of the mainstream bloggers/birdies who are in their bandwagon are :


@Emoodz. – Mohammed E. Al Maskati.










More to follow..


Hope these people meet justice NOT for speaking out BUT for spreading falsified news and inciting hatred.


  1. Eh says:

    You forgot to put Hadi Al-Mudaressi on the top of the graphic. Above him you can put Iranian intelligence HQ since that who he worked for in Iran.

    You might find the comments here interesting: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=14334408&postID=112192673373299844

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