Open letter to Amnesty International

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Letters
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Dear Amnesty Intl.,

The credibility of your organization deteriorated drastically ever since you chose to cover only one aspect of the Bahrain story.Your dependence solely on “Human Rights Defenders” who themselves are at the helm of opposition group tends to give the flavour of only THEIR side of story. The track record of those “Human Rights Defenders” indicate that their MAIN concern is about Shia section of the society and thus report ONLY their grievances which are needless to say, very much amplified.
We did NOT hear ANY form of condemnation of murders ,physical &psychological traumas inflicted by the opposition protesters either by Amnesty or ANY other Human Rights.
Where are their Rights? Where is the right of Sunni clerics whose tongue and ears chopped off and murdered JUST because they called for prayers of different sect other than Shiasm? Where is the rights of all the expats held hostage and tortured JUST because they belong to a particular Nationality? Where is the right of people murdered JUST because they REFUSED to obey the jungle rule implied by the protesters.. The list goes on..
Your organization, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch had been champions in bringing so many nations humanity to light from deep darkness of tyranny.I salute for that.. But being a Bahraini and experienced living under governance of many countries both west and east , i can vouch blindly for my King as one of the most admirable and lovable ruler in modern era. Many fail to realize this as the value of something will never be understood UNTIL its lost.
This is a very unfortunate chapter in the history of Bahrain where tremendous amount of external force puppeteering a portion of the society.
Yes, there ARE legitimate demands of the youth.. Yes, we, the sunnis, demand the same.But most of the demands WERE achieved and Can achieve furthermore through Dialogue! What we OPPOSE is the regime change that would be replaced by disastrous parties whose strings are held by external elements.We OPPOSE the INTIMIDATION by the terrorists who held hostage, the whole economy of BAhrain .At no point, would we will Tolerate this..We will NOT let our country to be another IRAQ or LEBANON.
I URGE the international bodies and NGOs to do justice to our country,Bahrain.Look at the problem in ALL angles and report in that manner.Do NOT take sides and justify their atrocities like many media organizations do. Simply REFUSE to see the other side of the story just because it does NOT meet their agenda.

We pray justice to our country..and looking forward for your unbiased reporting.

Thanks..and God bless all..



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