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Posted: March 22, 2011 in Mission
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With numerous propaganda trolls, dolls and zombies of Anti-Government terrorists spewing the world media with fabrication and falsification of the TRUTH,   WE, the Proud Bahrainis , AROSE  in defence of our motherland Bahrain to protect its honour and pride.

We will NOT let a portion of our society decide OUR DESTINY..

Join US.. if you are TRULY PATRIOTIC AND PROUD of your motherland Bahrain to fight Against the external as well as internal forces that TERRORIZES our nation!!



  1. That is a great letter….

    For King and Country.

    The Kingdom of Bahrain is the most tolerant country in the Middle East. It is proud of its history and the ruling family who through the constitution and legislative action have ensured the well being of every man, woman and child living in this proud nation. HM King Hamad has asked for there to be peace and understanding and through his faith is confident that we will continue on this path of progress.

    We are proud of our achievements and despite being a small country with limited resources we have achieved international recognition for our human rights and progressive vision.

    Bahrain Crown Prince and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Force, HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa on Saturday called for a national day of mourning ‘for the sons we have lost’, the state news agency reported. Prince Salman called for calm, asking citizens to unite and co-operate with all political forces in the country.

    ‘I stress, once more, that our duty is to preserve security and stability, to ensure that there is no discord and that the situation does not worsen,’ the statement on Bahrain’s national news agency said.

    He earlier ordered the withdrawal of all military from the streets of Bahrain meeting one of the conditions for talks spelt out by an ex-lawmaker of the main Shi’ite opposition bloc Wefaq, Ibrahim Mattar. Soon after the troops left, tens of thousands of protesters, cheering and waving the national flags, swarmed back into Pearl Roundabout in Manama.

    ‘We begin now a new phase, a phase in which we will discuss all our issues sincerely and honestly,’ he stated. ‘I would like to convey the message that calm is required at this time, so that all parties can put forward their views and issues in a responsible and productive way,’ he added.

    HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa signed the National Charter in 2001 which was approved and accepted with open arms by 98.4% of the population. A charter that was historic, visionary and for the benefit of the people is today being questioned by small minority who so far has reaped the benefits. The same people who wish to “peacefully” over throw a the government through demonstrations and civil unrest; by attacking security personnel which is not peaceful showing a lack of discipline and respect for people in authority and the law of the land. These same security officials, who are being attacked, are risking their lives for the safety of the demonstrators and a peaceful country.

    The charter guarantees freedom of speech for all, and despite the extreme actions taken by these people calling for a change, HM King Hamad has personally addressed the country, offered condolences and set up a committee to address these issues. There has been complete transparency by the Government and almost 3000 houses were distributed this year to needy families and over10, 000 houses are currently under construction.

    This is a peaceful Islamic nation with a wise leadership that does not differentiate by colour or creed nor accept extremism in any form. The government has provided free land for houses of worship for residents to openly practice their faith, all of whom live in harmony with the local population of Bahrainis. The protestors have shown signs of racism against people from different walks of life, all of whom live here for the betterment of the country. Through the Charter, the National Audit was created to offer further transparency and monitoring of national funds. All the reforms are being addressed and it will take time to achieve our goals and through the vision and guidance of the ruling family the Kingdom of Bahrain will continue to rise and be proud.

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